Chris Putrino

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A Musical Prodigy

Singer, Guitarist, and More

If you are looking for a true artist, look no further than Chris Putrino, originally from Upstate NY, performing in Scottsdale, AZ. He is a talented guitarist and a wonderful lead singer with a lot to offer. He has been performing with his band and by himself on a steady basis in all the luxury resorts and night clubs in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.

About Chris Putrino

It is said that timing is everything in the making of fine wine. In the case of Chris Putrino, the time is now. Chris began his musical career at the age of nine. His journey is unique in the fact that he has been his own driving force, which has transcended into a musical artistry that is sure to please even the most sophisticated listener. 

Chris has cultivated his own sound. His talent has been compared to the likes of Santana and George Benson.

After having the opportunity to spend an evening experiencing the music of Chris Putrino, you will be taken aback by his ability to combine so many musical skills. Chris is rare talent who excels in writing, singing, and performing. 

In reference to Chris’ current CD, one reviewer recently reported, “If Chris’ special blend of sensitive vocals and folk-inspired lyrics do not catch listeners at first, then his fluid guitar riffs will. Although each of his songs seems to be about different women, how could any woman in her right mind refuse such honesty and sensitive communication skills?”

In Chris’ own words, “Music, in reality, is a form of communication that makes you look within your soul.”

It is pure honesty, enjoyment of life, and full passion he gives its expression that makes Chris’ music a rare experience. He is, undoubtedly, one of the best musical talents our country has to offer.

Sharing the Love for Music

A lover of music and a passionate artist, Chris Putrino is the complete package. To have him perform for your event and treat your audience to a great musical night, please contact him.